Three Percenter T-Shirt

Gadsden Hat

Molon Labe® Firearms Accessories and Apparel

Molon Labe offers custom laser engraving for Glock®, Ruger®, FN®, Smith & Wesson®, Springfield®, and 1911 Pistols. We offer pre-engraved and custom parts including rear slide cover plate, magazine base plate, and the magazine catch. Our line of AR15 and AR10 parts include: ejection port covers, charging handles, trigger guards (aluminum or polymer), magazine catch, forward assist cap, and take down pins. Molon Labe can provide custom engraving and stippling services on pistol frames and slides, Semi Auto and Bolt Action rifles. We have a wide range of accessories, apparel, dog tags, phone cases and magazines.


Molon Labe® Laser Engraved Firearms Accessories and Apparel
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Three Percenter

Custom Laser Engraving

Take Down Pins

AR15 Takedown Pin

Magazine Catch for Glock®

Magazine Catch Magazine

AR15 Rifle Magazine

iPhone Case

iPhone® Case

Rear Cover Plate
for Ruger LC9s

Rear Cover Plate RCP Glock 43

Rear Cover Plate for
Glock   43 Pistol

MBP Glock 43

Magazine Base Plates for Glock   43 Pistol



Magazine Base Plate

Magazine Base Plate
for Smith & Wesson®

Patriotic Organic Hat


Slide Cover Plate for
Smith and Wesson   SD9/40 VE Pistols


Magazine Base Plate

Magazine Base Plate
for Ruger

SD9/40 VE

Pink Ribbon
Magazine Base Plate for

Pink Parts Ruger Rifles

Magazine Release
Ruger  10/22

Rear Cover Plate

Rear Cover Plate
for FN   FNS


Proudly made in the USA

Molon Labe Helmet 3
Tank Top

ML Helmet 3 Sword 1911

1911 Handgun Grips

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